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동방신기, "Keep in mind, that I love you."♥

30 October
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I'm the type of girl who'd choose a burger over a salad anyday, the type of girl who stays up all night to watch/finish a k/tdrama, the type of girl who doesn't care if she gets lost just as long as she has her buddies along for the ride, the type of girl that is willing to play any sport and get really, really competitive, the kind of girl who has her Mp3 on 24/7 and can listen to music all day, anytime and anyplace, the kind of girl who chooses to wear super size t-shirts and old jogging pants over skirts any day, the kind of girl who hates being alone and as much as possible want to spend the day with those I care about, the kind of girl who loves to have fun and make the most out of every moment and the kind of girl that feels happy just by hearing the words "Thank you."

check my journal to know more about me! ^_^

"DBSK is like the artery that pumps life into the crimson heart of all those that call themselves Cassiopeia" <3

Credit to By xxxcape for the wonderful moodthemes! thanks! :3
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